Top-Suction Type Microwave Sensor CSA-204X



Product application

It can be used for a variety of automatic doors for induction matching, high induction sensitivity, fast and accurate response, excellent microwave penetration and interference free, fully used in commercial, industrial and automatic control and other high requirements.

Overall characteristics

This is a one-way action microwave sensor that detects proximity signals and shields departure signals; it is ideal for automatic door special installation with the ceiling.

The intelligent and optimized detection control circuit greatly improves the sensitivity and stability of induction detection.

The X-Y axis ensures accurate regional induction adjustment.

Germany imported 24.125GHz microwave sensing module, not subject to temperature, humidity Under the influence of other environmental factors, the working performance is extremely reliable.

Technical parameters

Implementation technology: Microwave and microwave processor

transmission frequency: 24.125GHz

transmission power: <20dbm E1RP

maximum installation height: 4000mm (5000mm customizable)

detection mode: one-way movement

Installation inclination:  0 to 90 (longitudinal) -30 to + 30 (transverse)

power supply voltage: 12V-30VAC + / -10% (50-60Hz)

appearance size: 142 (diameter) 61 (depth) mm

hole size:  105 (diameter) 53 (depth) mm

dynamic current: 80mA

static current: 40mA

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 16 × 10 cm


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