EC100 (SLM) Automatic Door Bedis Control Panel




BEDIS control panel – Universal for EC100 & Kaba/Gilgen SLM

(EC100 / SLM drive unit can work without BEDIS control panel or with BEDIS control panel)

Without the BEDIS control panel:
The following program positions can be selected via inputs 21 and 22 EXIT/AUTOMATIC (summer)/
AUTOMATIC (winter).
Reset via terminal 25 and 26 (shorting a wire between #25 and #26 will reset doors) – (See diagram on KLESE – SLM control box).
The BEDIS can be used as a temporary programming unit. After BEDIS has been connected or removed, a cold start (mains supply ON/OFF) must be made during which the programmed values are preserved.

With BEDIS control panel
Via inputs 25 and 26 (patented 2-wire bus)
The operation can be locked as follows: Using a switch (key, momentary contact, etc…) Connected to BEDIS terminals 3 and 4. (Note: if no switch is connected to terminals 3 and 4 on the BEDIS a jumper wire must be installed)
By connecting a terminal or a personal computer (e.g. management system) terminal block J5 (terminals 1-4) this requires special software, consult factory.
All the function can be identified and set via the BEDIS control panel. The numbering of the LED’s on the plate
corresponds to their binary value. The softswitch numbers and the error numbers are obtained by adding the numbers next to the LED’s which are lit.

Example: LED 16/4/1 are lit ->16+4+1 =21 -> softswitch /error no. 21

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 cm


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