LV801 Image Recognition Sensor



1, Recognizing the human figure in the detecting area, whether in the moving or stationary state, it can also outout signals. This product can be as a motion sensor, also as a presence safety sensor.
2. Adopt advanced Convolutional Neural Network, to detect and recognize the human figure, can avoid interference from strong light, vibration, flying insects,floating leaves,etc.
3, It supports inserting an SD card and expanding the memory to 128G torealize all-day video monitoring; and it is convenient for users to upgrade the system without changing the hardware.
4, Equipped with the global Al+LOTInternet of Things platform–“TUYA”, the detecting area size can be set through the APP, and remote monitoring and
remote opening of the door can be realized by mobile phones. 5, Built-in microphone, real-time simultaneous monitoring.
6,Four working mode can be switched freely,which is convenient to adapt to various use occasions.

Technical parameter Detection function:Main processor:
human figure motion,presence,remote control Main frequency:
opening,monitoring,period function switching Relay ON, CN optional Detection mode:Signal output:
Moving + human figure detection
AC/DC 12-30V Power supply:(Dual mode)Pixel:
Standby comsumption:HD 720P 1296*732
135mA(DC12V power)175mA(DC12V power)Working current:
Response speed:
TF card in FAT32 format, Installation methods:Monitor storage:
Expose or embedded installation on the door head,wall,and ceiling
maximum 128GB memory View adjustment:
86×80×69mm(expose)External dimension:
0-90°(expose installation)
0-45°(embedded installation)Installation height:Network distance:≤6meters
10-30 meters
(dependin on the strength of Wi-Fi on site)


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