Laser Safety Curtain Sensor CNB227A



Product application

It can be used to accurately detect the moving or fixed human body or objects, to avoid all kinds of rotating automatic induction doors or flat open automatic doors collision to the human body or objects, to ensure the safety of people and equipment is widely used in the anti-collision occasions of automatic rotating doors.

Overall characteristics

Exquisite structure, fashionable and simple appearance, the installation is very simple.

The detection height and sensing range can be adjusted flexibly through the adjusting wheel and locking screws.

The system operation has a strong pressure stability, with background, noise filtration system, not affected Environment (such as sunlight, snow, rainy days, etc.) impact.

The detection angle of the scan can be precisely adjusted by mounting the bracket.

Technical parameters

Input voltage: AC/DC 12-30V(-/+10%)

action current: 237mA

static current: 123mA

Detection area diameter: Approximately 75mm light spot

Optical module: 2 groups (length 750mm, 900mm) and 3 groups (length 1200mm)

Operation mode: Movable or static mode adaptive

Running mode:  Background inhibition

Scan range: Mechanical Adjustments 1500-2500mm

Appearance dimension:        750 (L) 31 (W) 20 (H) mm


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