Safety Lock Door Guard



Door guards, flip latches and sliding chains have been used as means to provide privacy for guests and residents. allows guests or residents to identify persons outside the door without fully opening the door.

Performance characteristics:
Burglarproof buckle
By American installed anti-theft deduction
Have strong impact resistance, up to 300 pounds
Have the highest quality Z5 zinc alloy material, pearl chrome plating, durable by open anti-theft deduction activities, blocking the door security role
By closing the door after the burglar door opened at the reset button.
By the use of smooth, feel good
Have a built-in positioning beads, to prevent the activity part of his slide
By silica gel pad imitation into flower leaf, vibration and noise reduction

PDL American style burglar proof buckle is suitable for all kinds of hotel room doors and residential doors. Limit the door to a small angle, so that the indoor personnel can safely identify the visitor identity, not fully open the door to send mail, and the visitors to dialogue.

The PDL anti-theft buckle is more durable and durable than traditional open anti-theft buckle and hidden anti-theft chain, and it must be closed in the reset state, so that it can avoid the situation of closing the door when the traditional anti-theft button is not reset. Installation is very simple, do not need to slotted directly on the door frame, do not need to destroy the door.

If there are children or mentally retarded people in the family, it is recommended to install the anti-theft button to the height, and play the part of the anti-theft button for a long time, so as to effectively prevent children or mentally retarded people from sneaking out at night.


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