Ancient Bronze Material Pocket Pivot



Products details

Allow door to open to 90 degredd, full mortise into the wall(fold back into a pocket),really swing clear opening,no part of the hinge projects beyond the face of the door in either open or closed position.The architectural effect allows for the creation of a paneled hallway when the door is in opened position.

non-handed,each bearing 40KG load of door weight.

Performance characteristics:
Pocket hinge
Ninety-one thousand one hundred and five
Take the whole cast stainless steel
The back door opened the back door to door by frame, make the channel more smooth by visual effect for hospital ward door door, channel, passage width more convenient for the large flow of people through the bed have access door, rapid evacuation to people
No limit for left or right hand
Single carring 40KG
With door closers use, door closers holes need special drawings.



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