Overhead Door Stop For Swing Door



Overhead door stop is divided into two functions: Overhead door stop and Overhead door holder. The former only blocks the opening of the door, and the latter stops the door at a certain angle. The top-mounted door stop/door stop angle is between 85°~110°. If the situation permits, stopping at 95° is the ideal choice, so that the door handles, handles, and raised escape devices will not occupy the width of the passage . For the two situations where there is a wall behind the door and the double-leaf door is opened back to back, if you choose the Hold open function, you should consider the 5°~7° buffer angle. For example, if you want the door to stop at 100°, then the door will actually be stopped. The angle is 93°~95°.

In fact, it plays the role of protecting the door closer and the lock, and it conflicts with the door closer and does not conflict with the swing door machine.


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