Fingerprint Access Control CSA-MA300




Size 73*148*34.5mm; RS485 or TCP/IP auxiliary communication interface; Fingerprint access control terminal with an integrated proximity reader, Equipped with USB excuse, U disk for data upload, download; Industrial-grade design: From anti-static, lightning-resistant hardware PCB design to all-metal shell design with zinc alloy, the waterproof grade can reach Ip65; Fast recognition speed: Adopt world-famous ZKFinger fingerprint recognition algorithm and Intel32 CPU to process 1500 pieces of evenly distributed fingerprints in 1 second, making the system easy to use, reliability, accuracy, and recognition speed. improve; Scope of use: The quality of security engineering projects, applicable to banks, military units, prisons, computer rooms and other high security units; can accommodate 10000 ID / IC card.


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