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Why do hospitals need to install hospital automatic doors?


Why do hospitals need to install hospital Automatic Doors? Because the hospital has more people entering and leaving the hospital every day, and most of them are patients, hanging curtains may increase the chance of cross-infection. In addition. The hanging curtain of the hospital is not conducive to ventilation. At the time of the SARS epidemic - the public's awareness of hygiene reached an unprecedented height, and all hospitals in Hong Kong have been fully remodeled to use automatic doors. At that time, experts pointed out that air circulation is the key to hospital disease prevention. However, some hospitals still hang curtains, which is very unfavorable for the circulation of hospital air, but also leaves the hidden dangers of diseases transmitted by patients through contact. In addition to being open for a long time, the ordinary Floor Spring door is still the location where the bacteria are cross-infected. And the indefinite opening direction will also bring inconvenience to the people walking, and may even be hurt. Most patients prefer automatic doors that do not need to be touched by hand, compared to traditional cotton curtains or plastic curtains. A smoother door with a high traffic volume or a large two-wing revolving door can be installed for this purpose.

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1. Accessibility facilities require Automatic Door coordination
While continuing to improve various medical security services, hospitals across the country have also fully considered the service work of disabled people, improved the construction of barrier-free facilities, and widely installed barrier-free passages, toilets and elevators. There are automatic doors in these facilities. In addition, for emergency room or shower room (for immediate flushing of patients with chemical burns), when the ambulance arrives, the stretcher bed can be pushed directly from the barrier-free passage, and the patient can lift the operating table within 5s, which truly reflects An "urgent" word to win valuable time for further rescue. The automatic doors in these areas are "indispensable."
2. Rotating automatic door features
In cold or hot weather conditions, the Automatic Revolving Door manufacturer can give the rotating automatic door to prevent indoor and outdoor air convection, maintain the indoor set temperature, and save energy. The lobby on the first floor of the hospital is relatively empty, and the personnel enter and exit frequently. It is often arranged as a pre-examination room, a registration area, and an emergency room. The large two-wing revolving door facilitates the entry and exit of the reclining chair, and the smooth door provided in the middle also meets the emergency opening under the power failure or fire alarm condition to form an evacuation passage.
3. Advantages of automatic smoothing doors
The smooth automatic door is installed at the main entrance of the hospital, and its traffic width is (2000-3000) mm. Convenient for larger traffic and the passage of wheelchairs and surgical vehicles: the sliding space of the door leaf is small: no harm to the two-way entry and exit personnel, and an emergency opening system can be installed: in an emergency such as a power outage or a fire alarm, it can be 90. The direction is opened to form an emergency evacuation passage of (4000-6000) mm for emergency evacuation.
In the hospital's outpatient building and inpatient building. Hospitals that do not have automatic doors are usually open in the open state (mainly with floor spring doors) and are almost open all day. May be due to cost savings. In order to keep warm in winter, in order to save air conditioning in summer, some hospitals will hang cotton curtains (northern areas) or plastic curtains. However, from the perspective of public health, hospital curtains are not conducive to the prevention of infectious diseases and the control of hospital cross-infection. In this area, a smoother door with a higher traffic volume or a large two-wing revolving door can be installed for this purpose.

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