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When the automatic door enterprise conducts OEM production, what should the cooperation parties pay attention to?


Automatic Door

In China, the OEM cooperation mode is another development trend in the Automatic Door industry. However, the large automatic door enterprises are not the auto-door companies that are willing to cooperate, especially the small and medium-sized automatic door enterprises. When they choose OEM partners, they are More cautious. Large automatic door companies generally look at a lot of companies, and finally determine one or two from them, and reach a cooperation intention. When the company is engaged in OEM production, the two parties should pay attention to the following aspects:
First, the cooperation between the two sides must be long-term.
Once the two parties reach a cooperation agreement, the OEMs will temporarily slow down their market development to match the production of OEM companies. At this time, if the company stops cooperation with OEMs, it will bring great losses to OEMs. Therefore, both parties must cooperate in the long-term cooperation.
Second, the product types of both parties are the same, and the product grades are similar.
Many automatic door companies are cautious when looking for OEMs, such as Doma Automatic Doors and Caesar Automatic Doors. They will repeatedly study each other's products, production lines and whether they can meet their required product standards. After some in-depth investigation, it will finally decide whether or not to cooperate. Because once the other party's products do not meet their own requirements, not only affect their own brand image, but also trigger a series of follow-up questions.
Third, talk about the details of cooperation and strictly control the quality.
After the two companies reach the OEM cooperation intention, they will sign a detailed cooperation agreement. At the same time, we will discuss the details that need to be paid attention to in each link and jointly develop an implementation standard. OEM manufacturers must strictly follow the standard requirements to ensure that the quality of the products meets the requirements.

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