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What are the access control parts of the automatic door?


Caesar Automatic Door finishing editing: Gating is to control the switching action of the door, while the access control is responsible for making judgments about who the door is.

door access control

For example, in some public places, the door is open to everyone, then only need to install sensing equipment, such as microwave radar, when someone approaches the door, it will automatically open; some doors are only open to those who know the password, then install the password keyboard And the corresponding access control device, as long as the input password is correct, the door will open automatically; some doors require checking the identity to open, such as identity card, check fingerprint, check face or check pupil, etc. After correct check, the door will open automatically; all these The devices that make identification and judgment to the comers belong to the category of access control systems.
In some large commercial buildings or integrated buildings, the entire building is managed by a central management system in which all doors of the building are monitored and managed. In this case, the automatic door gating system is directly connected to the central management system. , under the unified command of the system.

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