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How to choose the right automatic door


Commercial Entrance

The maintenance of Automatic Doors is more important. Learning the basic skills of Automatic Door maintenance can greatly improve the service life of automatic doors, but it is also very important when choosing automatic doors. Let's take a look at the selection techniques of automatic door exchanges. Many users have no choice when to choose what kind of automatic door equipment to install, may directly compare according to the quotation form provided by each automatic door company, this is a simple choice, not comprehensive, how to choose the automatic door is actually the most critical choice The basis is based on the user's requirements for the automatic door equipment use and the load-bearing nature of the automatic door, as well as the function of the automatic door to make a comprehensive function selection.
First, to determine the use of automatic sensing doors, such as: building door automatic doors, the flow of people in such places will be more dense, sometimes when many people, the automatic door is basically in the state of opening the door, if there are people under the automatic door Standing still causes the automatic door to fail to close. If it is a kind of building such as a building, you need to consider the life of the automatic door equipment and the safety anti-pinch function of the automatic door. As long as you have the first two, you can fully meet the needs of such a place, or you can The security device is equipped with a security-proof infrared-pair electric eye on the door device. Because the density of the automatic door opening here is very large, it should be considered as much as possible for the safety anti-pinch device. In addition, the automatic door with better hardware should be selected. device.
Second, considering the service life of automatic sensing doors, there are many brands in the market now. The market conditions can be said to be mixed. Many brand suppliers look for automatic door manufacturers to produce them. There are almost no certificates, test certificates and the like. Documents, on the quality of the brand, there are few automatic door brands whose automatic door equipment usage period is more than 5 years. Many domestic automatic door suppliers are over-promoting how many kilograms their automatic door load reaches. In fact, these automatic door suppliers It is also clear that this method is exchanged for the life of the automatic door device. For example, an ordinary automatic door motor can only be 30KG, and it is hard to carry 50KG objects. It is a problem to be able to carry the start. How long the load operation can last is another one question.
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