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Automatic sensor door fault repair diagnosis


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In the process of using the automatic Sensor door, the user will inevitably encounter the problem that the Automatic Door is faulty. Once the automatic Sensor Door is faulty, the user's first thought is to find the relevant automatic door repair company, which is not completely wrong. After all, the work of automatic door repair is not ordinary users can repair it themselves, it must be a professional automatic door maintenance personnel to do inspection and maintenance. Even ordinary simple automatic door repairs require a certain fee. If the user knows what is wrong with the parts, it can avoid some company maintenance personnel charging.
Let's teach you some basic troubleshooting immediately.
Before analyzing and diagnosing the cause of the failure of the automatic sensing door, the user must understand the basic structure and operating principle of the automatic door unit. Here is a brief explanation. The main components of the automatic door unit are mainly four parts: drive motor, control board, transformer (power supply), pulley hanger;
The driving motor is a power structure that drives the door body to move back and forth; the control board is equivalent to the brain part of the automatic door, and controls various functions and motion modes; the transformer is simply a power supply 220V; the pulley hanger drives the door body to move back and forth on the guide rail. structure;
The operation principle of the automatic door is generally simple: the transformer supplies power to the drive motor, the motor drives the pulley hanger through the belt, and the controller accepts the command to control the operation mode (opening and closing).
After understanding the basic structure and principle of the automatic sensing door, the following can make some simple fault diagnosis analysis:
1. The automatic sensing door is generally operated for a long time without power. If the automatic door has a running fault such as unable to sense movement, or repeats the door opening and closing, the easiest way is to immediately power off, restart, power off and restart. The important thing is not to say three times. After re-energizing, observe whether the automatic door still has the same fault problem;
2. If the problem is still not solved, then power off and try to manually pull the door. If the door can be manually pulled, the drive motor can be eliminated.
3. Exclude the drive motor failure factor, power on to observe the state of the sensor, if the red light on the automatic door sensor is always on or the person walks past and close, no response is abnormal, if this time use the remote control again If the automatic door is operated normally, it can be basically diagnosed as a sensor failure; if the remote control does not work, it can basically be diagnosed as a controller failure problem;
Understand the four components and working principle of the automatic sensing door, and gradually analyze and eliminate the state of the four major components, which can basically realize the automatic sensor door fault diagnosis.
For how to diagnose and repair the automatic sensor door failure, after reading this article, you can basically avoid being overwhelmed by the maintenance personnel who are partially charged. Please pay attention to more - Caesar-door.

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