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Induction door is good automatic induction door advantages introduced


Usually in shopping malls, hotels and other high-end places will be installed automatic induction doors, it has brought us a lot of convenience for the trip, want to know what the advantages of the automatic induction door? Then, let's take a look at the induction door and the advantages of automatic induction door together with Xiao Bian!

First, the Sensor door is good

1. The suitability of the door

Today, induction doors are widely used in business buildings, shopping malls, banks, hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, hotels and other places, which can be seen to have a wide range of applicability, and can meet different places and environments need.

2. Induction door security

The induction door is mainly based on the induction principle of the door's switch control system. If any obstacle or human body is encountered while the door is closing, it will be automatically reversed and reversed, effectively preventing the occurrence of clipping events. Ensure the personal safety of people entering and leaving the door.

3. The wisdom of the door

The door sensor's microcomputer control module can also record the specific location of the previous obstacle, and then the slow detection will be started early if the obstacle is approaching the next time the Sensor Door is closed, ensuring that it is closed when it is safe and accessible.

4. Induction door reliability

The intelligent microcomputer controller of the sensor door can cooperate with various control systems in and out of control and in a special period of time to ensure the safety of the room in the absence of a locked door.

5. Induction door aesthetics

The shape and appearance of the automatic induction door look very simple and atmospheric, and the large one is composed of geometric surfaces. The running track is a plane running around a line and looks very beautiful.

6. The convenience of induction door

Induction doors can also be set according to different circumstances of the speed of the sensor door switch and close the door speed, but also can maintain the opening time, not only can keep the door in the smooth running of the degree of its use is also very convenient , And for the construction of the induction door is also very simple, just follow the instructions on the instructions, the various components can be fixed on the power beam, fixed and then connected to the power can start running.

7. Energy saving of induction door

The sensor door also has the characteristics of saving air-conditioning energy, while also reducing the noise, wind and dust and other advantages.

8. The quietness of the induction door

The induction door has special special lubrication measures, and it has a deceleration mechanism. The special hanger wheel structure of the induction door can also reduce the noise generated during operation and ensure space-free noise.

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